The deep scar within him…

8515738567_fccc345624_mFew people took out the body like structure from the truck and placed it in the ground. Sid’s uncle pushed him and brought him near the structures. One of the man removed the cover from the structures and Sid saw his parent’s bodies. Continue reading


Going through the pages of my Diary !!!

index 3My diary is the only place where I am true to myself. I don’t feel shy, I don’t fear anyone, I just write whatever comes to my mind. I am writing my thoughts in my diary since my very childhood, as my father taught me to write. I am just quoting few lines as I can’t write everything here, but they are enough to invoke certain thoughts.

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A living person without a soul ? #AtoZChallenge


Day 1 : Alphabet ‘A’

I kept staring at the white sheet of paper in front of me. Suddenly an unknown fear surrounded me.

Am I scared of that sheet of paper? How can a simple white paper scare anyone?

Is it the white page that is scary or the blankness of the page that is scary, I didn’t knew?

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