Tears behind laughters ?

index100I laughed because I didn’t want my tears to come out.

She kept on cracking jokes and I kept on laughing. There was nothing in my mind. I was perfectly enjoying the moment. But, was that really me?

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My independence, my relationships ?

index“I was ready to give you everything, anything that you wanted. But no, you don’t want it. But then you say want me. I don’t understand this at all?” she said in frustration

I looked at her with surprise and said “You think I am after physical relations?”

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Controlling thoughts, Controlling feelings – Being Happy ?

images29For the past one hour, she was trying to read that book. And every time I looked at her, she was in different position trying to adjust her reading posture. I could easily make out that she was not enjoying the book, her mind was somewhere else.

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