I solved the puzzle, I learned a lesson ?

images28Lying in the bed I kept looking at the ceiling. I saw a big maze of unsolved puzzles. My life seemed to be surrounded by such puzzles. I have to solve each puzzle, I have to find a way out in each aspect of my life.

Story 1

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Soulmate and Reality and ‘ME’?

1120005-bigthumbnailI got up in the bus and took the single seat near the window. Looking outside the window from a distance always gave me an unknown pleasure. And bus journies offered me those opportunities. A longer journey gives me more opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. I enjoyed these few moments of my privacy with no one disturbing my thoughts.

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Being happy in life? #AtoZChallenge

7576324464_b9c294ebc6Day 2 : Alphabet ‘B’

This was the third time I pressed the snooze button of the alarm. At last I looked at the watch. It was 6.30am. My god! It’s late, no not again today. And before any further delay or laziness, I rushed out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. I brushed my teeth hurriedly and started shaving.

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the hidden faces

UntitledI got up in the bus from the front side. (in my place, you can get up in the bus from either door – front or back). There was a seat uniquely placed in the front; it was facing all the other seats in the bus. I took that seat, now I could see everyone inside the bus.

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