How can I forget my past?

indexAt one point of time, many a days ago, I concluded that I can be happy if I remove my past from my memory. It was easy then, I stored all my memories into various closets, closed them and stacked them somewhere deep inside my memory. Normally it’s not required to retrieve the same. So, I forgot the past. 

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And the bird tried …

download“What do you want from me”, her voice sounded unemotional, harsh and rough. But then, she was always like that – harsh and rude.

“I don’t want anything? And I have told you this several times. I just want to know why are so insensitive or trying to be? Why are you always ‘I just love myself’ kind of?” I said candidly.

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Why I am like this?

Man standing in rain at ocean“Why are you like this?” came the question from her as I was expecting.

I am like what? Do I really know what I am like? Do I know what I am?

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I want a ‘bad’ reputation !!!

images4Last evening one of my friend made a remark that he don’t want to do things which are bad for his reputation.

Well, the statement warranted a deeper insight and lot of thought. And so I did, spending lot of time thinking about it and then writing about it.

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I can’t be your friend !!!


I felt too tired as I was about to reach my room. I switched off my cell as I just wanted to lie down peacefully without being disturbed by anyway. So the moments I opened the door and entered into my room, I just threw myself in the bed.

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