Does face matters?

wyllaSuddenly, every thing around me is silent and peaceful. Is it dangerous? Is it a signal of a storm which is about to hit me?

Why am I so scared with silence? Why shouldn’t I be? For someone whose life has always been surrounded with noise and disturbances, it is obvious that I will be impatient with all silence and peace surrounding me.

It was not long before I got hit.

It is a saying that there are five people on this earth who have similar faces like you. And this girl was one of those five faces. She resembled the face that I have been dying to forget and remove from my memories.

Why is god playing this game with me now? Was it not enough that the original face is still in memory that he is presenting me with another option? What do I do now?

Strangely enough, this girl too got interested in me and started looking for opportunities to talk to me. And I am getting entangled in this confusion. The more and more I am talking to this new girl, I am slowly and slowly forgetting the old one. But the question is am I really forgetting her, or am I just trying to replace the old one with this new one?

Is it really possible to replace someone’s thoughts? Is it really the face that matters, or there is something far more to it?

I got too confused. And then I thought, maybe I should tell her about my dilemma and may be she would then understand my confusions. And so, one day I told her about her resemblance with my old girlfriend. And how finally she left me.

And she laughed. She said there is nothing wrong with it. She further said, “similarities in face do not make two people similar. You don’t like the face, you like the person, his or her thoughts, preferences and other things”.

Is she correct? Is it so simple like that. Does face play no role in liking a person? I was not very sure about it. The very fact that I am talking to her and trying to get close is because of the fact that her face is similar to my ex-girl friend, otherwise I would not have even looked her twice. So then, isn’t it the face through which we make our beginnings.

She further said, “Face could be a beginning, but then it becomes routine, face cannot take you further in a relationship.”

Is it really possible? Does face really becomes routine? Can it really happen? Can it happen in love?

This is confusing. I don’t know what role this girl will play now in my life. I have already one in my memories, another one is in real and in front of me.

Now which one is more precious to me? Which one to keep?


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