She came back again …

Suddenly the door opened, and she came in. There she is, looking at me with those mesmerizing charming eyes.

I look back at her. Did I smiled? I don’t know.

I am taken aback, I am not expecting to see her again so soon. But there she is, right in front of me. I am confused thinking what to think. What am I supposed to do now? Will it be right if I behave normal and don’t show any sign of weakness, the weakness which is still somewhere inside me for her, or should I show the tough and rough side of me, showing ignorance.

She came and sat in front of me, still looking at me with those caring eyes. She has got the strong feelings for me and she doesn’t pretend to hide it. She doesn’t care  about the world.

I am finding it difficult to hide my feelings. But I don’t want to show my weakness so easily. For a moment I turn my face away. The feelings of care and love isbursting inside me. I am dying to hug and love her. But I kept my composure. I know it very well, the moment I keep looking at her eyes, everything inside me will melt. I will not be able to hold myself together.

She starts getting impatient. She came there just to meet me, She wants my attention, she want me to look at her.

After a long pause and a failed struggle, I turn to look at her. Our eyes met, and we both were speechless. I knew, I failed, I can’t resist her. I love her too much. I care for her too much.

And she sensed it. She can read me, she can understand me better than anyone else is this whole word.

And the very next moment, she was in my arms, kissing me with warmth and love.

I could not resist myself, I put my hand on her head and started caressing her.

It’s her this unconditional love, that I love. My love too is unconditional for ‘mou’, my Labrador puppy.

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