Love and Shattering glasses …

People watch her too with an admiring looks, and I loved that, somewhere it gives me a sense of contentment. I can just spend my whole life watching her, just looking at those dreamy brown eyes.

Just after few days of meeting her, I wrote my first poem dedicated to her beauty. It was a lovely thought, a lovely feeling that she aroused in me. She and her beauty inspired me to fall in love with everything about her. These days she was my world, and not a single minute passes without thinking about her. The thought of her, the feeling of her besides me, the feeling of being in love is what I was living for.

That day also I was waiting at the gate of her hostel. She opened the gate and came out with a lovely smile. In that blue and white kurta, she proved that even angel’s comes in coloured dresses. She made my wait worthful again and made me think once again that I am the luckiest person in this world.

As soon as she came near me, she held my hand and pulled saying “I want to go some place quiet and lonely”

I kept looking at her face only, though her touch raised several unexplained emotions and feelings within me. I just said “My place then”

“Let’s go fast” she said and pulled me towards my bike.

Still in my dream, I didn’t even realize when we started moving in my bike. I felt as if I was amidst clouds and we both were sitting in a moving cloud. I remembered when I sketched her first portrait, she laughed a lot. I had drawn her like a mermaid.

While I was driving, I felt so lucky that such a beautiful girl loves me and comes out for me. She has such nice long black hairs. I can just smell and play with them the whole day. She always talks so nicely to me, understanding and joking with me. I am not a vociferous talker, but she keeps on talking about anything and everything of the world. And I keep on looking at her, mesmerized by her beauty, beauty of her lips moving, the beauty of the shinning teeth when she laughs. And when she touches me while making a point, I used to get goosebumps. All this is so lovely and romantic.

I still remember when I read her the first poem I wrote on her. She kept on laughing and said she never thought I am a poet. I didn’t realize it too, till I met her. She and her thought made me do so many things that I can’t even imagine.

All I dreamed was that one day I will marry her and have a sweet family with her. I will have only one kid, one lovely girl like her mother. And we both will love her with whatever we have. Our family will be sweetest family in the whole world. I think I smiled at that thought. In my dream about the future family, I used to see her cooking food in the kitchen and I see myself playing with my baby girl in the sofa. And sometimes I feel jealous of myself, because I looked so happy in that dream. Being in love is so pure and beautiful.

Suddenly I realised she hugged me tightly from behind and opened one of my shirt button to put her hand inside. I was not expecting such action from her. But then I thought, may be she is feeling cold or something. So I didn’t complain and continued my journey in the clouds.

But, by that time we almost reached my apartment. As I stopped the bike, she hurried towards the lift. Joining her I just asked her “Are your hungry, should I order something to eat”. She didn’t said anything.

As I opened the door of my flat, she came inside and sat on the bed. When I closed the door and turned around to see her, I was spellbound. She was removing her shirt.

She looked at me shyly and said “Now, don’t keep staring, and come here” with a naughty smile.

Somewhere inside I heard the loud sound of breaking and shattering glasses.

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