The rain and my love story …

thumbIt was raining that day when I came out of office. And I could not resist myself. When the first few drops of rain hit me, I felt so relieved. It felt so good.

I started walking in the rain and soon I was totally wet. It felt so nice and refreshing. It made me happy within. As I was walking, I saw her.

She was standing below the big tree trying to hide her from the rain. But, god was cruel today, for her and for me too.

He showed his cruelty by not sparing her from the rain and by making her all wet. And he was cruel to me by making me fall in love with her at that very instant.

It was a feeling I can’t describe. She was trying to hide away from the rain, looking here and there, trying to control her clothes, sometimes wiping her face, drying her hair and so on. Everything looked so picture perfect. I could not take my eyes away from her. I just felt like protecting her from the rain; ensure that not even a single drop touches her fair body. I felt like wiping the rain drops from her cheeks, her lips, her eyes. I want to see her face clean and clearly.

It was love at first sight for me. And I felt so happy. I don’t even know her but it felt as if god has just created her for me. The feeling of love is so different. I was getting excited. What if I just go and put my hands over her head, just to save her from the falling rain drops. Oh, that would look so lovely. I didn’t even realized that I actually raised my hand in the air. The rain started hitting my hand hard. But I felt good, I was protecting her. I closed my eyes. I felt she came near me, the feeling of her wet body coming so close to me made me shiver. My hand still above her head, my heart still rising beyond my control and my breathes becoming heavier and faster with every passing seconds.

I was deeply in love with her now. I didn’t want to open my eyes. The feeling of love was so good.

A loud horn blew just near me. Shockingly I opened my eyes and looked at the big bus which just halted near me. I looked at the bus number. Yes, it was the bus for which I was waiting.

I got up into the bus, and looked out of the window. She was still there under the tree. I looked at her for the last time and thought … another chapter closed, another love story ended half way.

I turned around and then I saw her. She was sitting alone in the double seat. She was cute, lovely and beautiful. I smiled as I sat next to her.

Till I reach my destination in the bus, let’s have another love story.

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