Leaving the body ….?

images29Few days back something strange happened near my city. I was watching the news and I noticed it. One lady went to sleep for 7 days. After 7 days when she woke up she told everyone that she had visited heaven and met the Hindu Gods there. In fact she was also a witness to a meeting of Gods.

And no wonder, now hundred of devotees are thronging the place to pray her. She went into sleep for 7 days in front of everyone, and during that time everyone near her were praying to god.

I am not saying that I believed in what she said or what actually happened. You can make your own conclusions. But what gave me a thought was her sleeping for 7 days. Is it possible? What actually happened there? Can we say that she died for those days?

Then I came to the thought of death. Why can’t we die on our own will? Someone will say … do a suicide … but then that’s not creative at all. And when I say die at my will, it means I must be able to come back to the body at my will too. Now again is that possible? I am not talking about dying here, I am talking about the soul leaving the body at will, and so I am still attached to the body and can come back as and when I want to.

What happens if one day I realize that everything that I wanted to do in this world is over now and I have no more expectations? Can I leave my soul then? Or maybe, can I leave my soul now and see into my future as to whether I am happy after 20 years or so. Or just find out what am I doing after 20 years.

Confused and disturbing thoughts, well, not that much. Many books in Astral projections, Astral Travel have described that it is possible to do so. It is possible to remove the barriers of time and witness the alternate you’s, meet your dead friends or meet your future too. But, is it possible for a normal human being to do so? Yes, it is. But then it requires tremendous resolve, focus, practice and dedication to achieve such a miracle. It is not something which can be done overnight. It might take days, months or may be years of dedicated practice and focus. Some stories in our history about saints who went to mountains for salvations have done so. May be some of us are doing it right now also. I am not saying that I have done it, nor I will say that I am not trying it.

Then I thought what will I do, if I am successful and somehow my soul could leave my body at my will and come back at my will. What will I do? Even if I meet my own self from the future and even if I come to know certain facts which are going to happen in the future, wouldn’t that change it? Say for example, after meeting my future I come to know that I couldn’t complete the book that I am trying to write for many days now. Will I still keep trying it in the present moment. What happens when I realize that the one girl who I think is my soulmate presently is not the real soulmate? So the point I am trying to make here is, isn’t witnessing your future is changing your future. Why would I want to do that?

Then I question is if I don’t want to meet my future, why do I want leave my body? Some other questions come to me then, do I want to change my past? Well, not exactly, there are alternate me’s whom I did created so there is no question of changing my past, but not bad to meet them. Even if I meet them, I might realize that some other form of me is much happier than what I am, what will happen then? Will I leave the body for forever and never would want to come back to this body. What happens when I realize that everything that I believe in or trusted, turn out to be a lie? Changing something about the past will be ofcourse creating a new me, which will be a different me than what I am at present. So bundles of confusing question keeps on coming and I could not go beyond a certain point.

It happens with all of us. We are in a lecture session of a seminar, and we keep looking at someone, but our mind is not there. We think about a whole lot of other issues. In this case our soul has not left our body. Only our mind is wandering around. What I want to do is leave out the body and from a distance watch my body sitting there in the seminar hall. I should be able to fly without obstructions and there should not be any time boundaries. So, I will be able to meet whosoever I want to meet and talk to him or her. Of course I can’t meet living souls if they don’t leave their bodies like me. Moreover, I don’t think I want to change anything about my past or my future, all that I want is some answer to my questions or confusions. And I am sure answers are somewhere there in the galaxies which I can’t find with my present state of mind.

Uff…. I thank the lady who could do that… if she did that.

2 thoughts on “Leaving the body ….?

  1. Dear Sir,

    I also heard about the same kind of story and that too it happen to my close friend. Somehow I believe because, through this we can understand that there is God.
    Sometimes I use to have a dream at night when I am in deep sleep, that I am in an unknown place which is very beautiful and never seen it before. Once when I narrate my dreams to my grandmother (when she was alive), She told me that these places actually exist in this world. She said, at night when you see these beautiful places your soul leave your body and visit those place.


    • i am sure such beautiful place exists for our souls … thanks for reading and putting forward your views..i appreciate that


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