Dilemma of a Father?

images3“Papa, Rajesh again pulled my hair” my 7 yr old son said showing his helplessness.

“Why didn’t you stopped him” I said in a understanding tone.

“I did, papa. But he does not listen to me. I said twice and he kept doing it. He also held my hand hard and pinched his nails into it. It’s hurting papa”, he said and in almost on the verge of crying forwarded his hand towards me.

I looked at his hand. It had clear markings of his friends nail pinching. It was slightly swollen also. But, I knew it was not a big issue as there was no blood. Still I said “Oh, so bad. Now a days these young guys really don’t listen to anyone. Let me put some ointment and you will forget about it in no time”. I smiled at him and started searching for ointment.

But it seemed he was still not convinced. He said “Papa, I don’t understand this. I listen to you when you ask me to stop doing something. I obey you or any of my teacher or my friends. I don’t hurt anyone. Why then they don’t listen to me”

“You are my lovely son. And you are good boy. Maybe they are not good like you, who cares for everyone. But trust me, soon they will understand this” I said to him

He looked at me with surprise “But this is not right papa. He didn’t learn anything. In fact he is not the only one who does things like that. There are a group of students who do all this. Yesterday they made Akansha cry, they pulled her hair so badly. Then they pushed Rohit to the ground. Teachers also scolded them but they don’t listen”

Slowly his questions were making me uncomfortable. I was unable to make him understand my thought on this. But I tried “That’s what it is son. Some people are good and some people are bad. Some listen to elders and some don’t, some hurt others and some don’t. You don’t want to be bad, or be someone who hurts others, isn’t it”

“But, I am the one who’s hurt papa.” He replied and ran away.

I was trying to teach him something, make him believe in something which was slowly and slowly getting irrelevant nowadays. How can I teach him that don’t bully others when every now and then he is being bullied by others.

When I thought about the incident very deeply, I was more nervous. Whole life I have believed that, if you are good then all good things happens to you. What happens if just before I die, I realize that whole life I was wrong? What happens if I realize at that time that even if you are good there is no guarantee that good things will happen to you.

When I look around myself, I see people prospering in life who are hardly doing any good thing. So, shouldn’t they be punished by God? Then, why they are not being punished? Whole life I have always done good things and tried not to hurt anyone (atleast from my side). But, did I really got the same in the end? I can hardly say that.

Things are rapidly changing in this world now. And it is seriously getting more and more difficult to always be nice to people around or to keep doing good things. People are getting materialistic and everyone now believe in the concept of exchange. If they do something, they also want something in exchange. The world believes in pushing down everyone, so that he or she can rise. There is a mad rush to rise, show power, show money, or love.

I am confused, should I really teach my son to believe in what I believe in? Or teach him to take the path which is more prevalent, i.e not to be too good.

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