The God in the Picture !!!

images10She remarked that day, “I have seen you spending lot of time just staring at this picture. What happened?”

I kept looking at the picture and replied “I am expecting God to give me a response.”

“What” she almost shouted “What a funny thought? How can you even think that God is going to respond to you from that picture”

“Why not?” I said “If he is a supreme power, capable of turning our life, creating all sorts of things. Then what’s the deal in giving a response to me. All I am expecting from him to acknowledge the fact that he recognizes me or rather concern about me and my problems”.

“Spare him” she giggled “Spare him for larger things than just answer to your simple trivial issues. See as far as I am concerned, I don’t think God must be bothered with such simple issues. Don’t you understand that he has far bigger responsibilities like maintaining ecological balances, maintain supply of air, water, mountains etc. etc. Now if he starts solving each individual problems or even answering to each ones request, that is impossible for even god. So leave him aside and look into your life as you are God of your life” She said and almost tapped into my back.

I was frustrated by her so called explanation for God. I looked at her sternly and asked “Then you tell me, why such bad things are happening in my life. Atleast you know that I am not responsible for it. And I really work hard, then why I don’t get what I want”.

She smiled “I never said you don’t work hard. But if we start getting what we want then where is life. Life is all about going through different cycles. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don’t. We are normally concerned and cry for God help when we don’t get what we want, but we hardly remember him when we are getting the simple things that most are important to survive” She paused a while and removed the curtain to let the brightness of sunlight come inside.

And the said again “What we want is a relative term. You are trying to derive your wants from your surroundings. We only need two things to survive – air and water. And trust me God is great enough to supply those two in abundance. The rest is all relative and we create this mess out of it. Talk of food, shelter, clothes, transport etc., are all relative terms and creators of our own agony.”

I immediately replied “How can you say that? Even if you say food, shelter etc. are relative things, but still I need them to survive. Isn’t it?”

She again smiled and looked at me with those charming eyes “Ask yourself? Do you really need to go a KFC or Pizza Hut to eat a burger or you can survive on home made rice. But, if you can’t go to a KFC, you feel that you have not achieve anything in life. That’s my point. You are comparing your life achievement in a relative term. Whereas you are not thinking that atleast you have rice with you” she paused and offered me a glass of water and said again

“we become so concerned about what’s going on our surroundings that subconsciously we start comparing our own life with the people living around us. We start expecting things in our life to be like them. We forget about the basic things of our life. And trust me, if you keep comparing your life with others, there is never an end to it. And you will be always expecting a response from God for something or the other and he has no option but to remain silent.”

She started humming a hindi movie song. I hated this. I hated the way she was so clear about everything. I hated that she doesn’t even allow me a reason to speak to god.

But I shouted “So, you mean to say, you don’t believe is God and you don’t expect anything from him”.

She stopped humming, looked at me and said lovingly “Who said I don’t believe in God. Of course I do, and I also pray to him. And I just say to him that —please God, help me to keep this guy happy” and then she laughed loud.

I turned my face and looked again at the picture. Is really everything so simple, the way she has explained? Or, there something far more complex? Does God really has nothing to do with what happens in our life or rather he plays a major role in directing the activities in our life.

If what she said is to be believed, then why all people in earth are different? Why all the people were not given the same circumstances to grow and live their life? Why difficult situations comes in one’s life, which forces him to act differently?

May be whatever is happening right now around the world is just for the right balance of everything. And for the ecological balance as she remarked.

I looked at the picture, again expecting a response.

Nothing !!! Not even a hint of smile.

But, I will wait for a response. No matter how long…..

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