I am tired of flying, I am tired of lying !!!

cropped-20110909220403_335.jpgShe looked pretty, she had a lovely smile too. She looked at me and smiled. I asked myself “Do I know her?”

Can I really know anyone in true sense? Have I really tried to know her?

She came near me. She is saying something to me. I can’t hear her. I tried hard to listen; I stretched myself to hear her. But no, I can’t hear a single word and all I could see was her lips moving.

Do I really want to hear what she is saying? Have I really heard her before?

I could see few tears rolling out of her eyes. She kept on sobbing and saying things. I kept on looking at her.

Do I really care if she had tears in her eyes? Was I ever bothered about her tears?

I realized she must be someone who is very close to me. She seemed to be so near me and yet so far from me. I somehow can’t understand why she is getting so emotional with me.

Is she really close to me? Do I really allow anyone to come close to me?

At last I said “Don’t worry. Everything will be normal. Soon I will come back to senses and I will remember everything. And all the good time will come back” and looked patiently at her. She looked at me with sad eyes. I was not sure what my eyes reflected.

Didn’t I just again lie to her? Will I ever remember anything about her?

I could not face her tears and sad face anymore, so, I looked around. There was someone standing far side of the room. I didn’t know her too. But she looked attractive. I wonder how she was related to me. I hope she is not going to pour her tears next. I just smiled at her.

Someone else will soon replace someone? And I will again put tears in someone’s eyes?

I could not think anymore, my head was about to burst. I closed my eyes. I didn’t know what was happening.

Do I ever know what is happening? Or what am I doing? And why I am doing? .

I am tired of flying and lying to myself. I want to sleep and I want to take rest.

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