I solved the puzzle, I learned a lesson ?

images28Lying in the bed I kept looking at the ceiling. I saw a big maze of unsolved puzzles. My life seemed to be surrounded by such puzzles. I have to solve each puzzle, I have to find a way out in each aspect of my life.

Story 1

As I was about to take breakfast that day, I heard the loud chirping of the birds in the balcony. As if they were hungry and asking me to give them their food. I got up from the chair, took some grain of rice and placed them in the balcony. The birds were watching from far away, they were scared to come near as I was standing there.
I went inside and started peeping from the window. After few minutes, a big sparrow came and started scanning the environment. He was soon followed by three small sized sparrow, who immediately started eating the grains. The big one also ate, but he was more worried about the surroundings. Any small noise and they all flew away. But soon they come back, as the big one scans everything and signals them. Soon they finished eating all the rice grains. The big one made a big sound, as if thanking me and then all of them flew away.
I solved the puzzle, I learned a lesson.

Story 2

The bus was already crowded when I boarded on that day. After a day of hard work and feeling exhausted with this heat, the crowded bus was no solace to rest. But I had no option, I can’t wait and delay reaching home.
Even in the crowded bus, and holding the bag in one hand, the supporting clamp with the other, I was stable and somehow peaceful. I was just worried about the whole lot of thing that happened today in office. Whole day was just terrible with boss asking lot of things to be done and all those office hustle bustle. I don’t know when offices are going to be peaceful and less stressing.
While I was in those thoughts, the person sitting right near me got up and left the seat for me. I immediately took his seat and really felt good. I saw the man trying hard to make his way through the crowd to the door. I just thought that I will have to do the same.
Suddenly I realized that a girl was standing just near my seat with a huge bag. She really looked tired and exhausted like me. I felt pity and immediately got up to gave her the seat. She also grabbed the opportunity instantly and took the seat. As soon as she was seated she took out her phone and started talking with someone. And I kept waiting.
I solved another puzzle, I learned another lesson.
Story 3

When I saw that new building being constructed, I felt going near it watch its design. The building design was something different, something complex. As I reached near the construction site, I saw lot of worker working hard and hurriedly, one of them told me that they were constructing the roof, and it requires continuous construction. The construction of the roof has to be finished in one go, it can’t be postponed half way. Hearing that I understood why everyone is so busy hurrying and working hard.
As I was about to return, I saw the women sitting in one corner. I was surprise as to why she was sitting there when everyone is busy running around. Looking closely, I saw that young baby clinging to her. She was feeding the baby.
On noticing that I was staring at her, she got conscious. She tried to cover her breasts and the baby. She then gave me a real nasty look.
I slowly left the place.
I solved another puzzle, I learned another lesson.


(These stories are related and they all try to address few simple issues. Question is can I relate this incidents to learning of life. If yes, what do I learn from them. I don’t want to spell it out and make it obvious, as I expect the reader to have their own conclusions and if possible share it with me. At the first reading all stories may sound funny or irrelevant, or may give a simple message. But a deeper thought might reveal some big questions about life)

2 thoughts on “I solved the puzzle, I learned a lesson ?

  1. Good post buddy, I guess you should have also shared what lesson you learned from these stories?

    Honestly we do learn many things on daily basis, all the incidents going in our life teaches us something new, the matter is not that what it is teaching but the important thing is that whether we are getting any lesson from it or not?

    Good to hear that you learned some lessons from those incidents.


    • i could have mentioned it, but just felt like narrating the incidents and left it for the readers to feel if there is anything worth to learn from ..
      What you said is what i wanted to achieve, that is, we can learn from anything and everything that is going around us. And it’s an individual choice whether they want to learn or not (or what they want to learn)
      But, thanks a lot for reading it and sharing your thoughts …


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