what my eyes are to you?

index100I was deeply engrossed into the book when she said,“Why are your eyes so painful”

“Are they? I never realized that?” I said, clearly showing no interest in that discussion

“But they are painful. When I look at them, I feel like caring them.” I could see the feeling of care in her eyes.

“Who’s stopping you? By the way how do you care eyes?” I tried a flirting statement

It didn’t affect her in any ways, and she kept that serious tone saying “It’s not funny. Your eyes bring out the passion inside a woman. We women want to give care; we give that to our Child’s. So, when we see sorrow and pain, we can’t stop. We feel like going and doing something. And that’s what your eyes do, they pull women towards you”. She definitely proved that some great thinking has gone into the thorough analysis of my eyes.

“Wow, that’s quite a statement. I mean, who will not want painful eyes then, if all women just come forward to care for them” I kept trying to change the topic, though I felt happy hearing all that.

“But, there is something more. The moment a woman comes forward to give care because of the pain in your eyes, she tries to look deep into your eyes. And that’s real dangerous. You really have something more in your eyes. They pierce the soul. They go deep inside the person you are seriously looking at” she was desperately trying to make a point

“You are scaring me now” I frowned.

“No, that’s true. When you look at me, seriously and deeply, I feel scared. It feels as if you are looking inside at my soul. As if you know what I am thinking, as if …. Something. They attach me to you” she seemed quite serious

“That’s nothing new. When you have feeling for someone, you may feel that way when you look into the other person eyes”, I gave the casual statement trying not to go into the depth of such talk.

“No, I don’t think it is so simple. Your eyes speak. They say something. The difficult thing is I don’t exactly know what they say. So, I assume whatever is in my mind, you are reciprocating to it. But it’s very difficult to understand what is really in your mind from your eyes. Your eyes are deceptive” she was trying hard to make me understand.

“Please get sure first, what my eyes are? Are they sad, scary, and deceptive, speaker … and what not?” I just smiled.

“I know I am sounding quite confused right now. But this is the magic of your eyes. They say a lot of things. And everytime I look deep into them, they say something else. Are you doing something with your eyes? How can your eyes express such mix feelings?” she looked frustrated and exhausted.

“C’mon now. Eyes are just eyes. They just reflect what’s going in your mind. I don’t do anything intentionally. If something is there in my eyes, may be that same thing is in my mind too”, I tried a rational explanation.

“But, they don’t give clear messages. They are mischievous too, they smile also. You can easily tell things just by looking at them. You just make my legs go weak when you look with those things in your mind.” She really looked confused.

That brought a smile in my face, “Well that’s quite inspiring. I am glad to know that I don’t have to say anything now. You can just look into my eyes and understand what I am about to say”

“You find it funny? Well I don’t. Because I know your eyes are not only for me. And many others are going to feel the same. I can’t stop you from looking at them or they looking at you. Can’t you just do something; I mean control your eyes?” she said mocking the artificial anger.

“What are you saying? I don’t know what’s there is my eyes. For me they are just normal eyes, used to see things. And you have to trust me. I can’t take out my eyes, just because you see all suspense things in them” and I laughed out loud

After a while our discussion ended, and I went up to the mirror to look into my eyes. I wanted to see if there is really something so mysterious in my eyes.

My eyes reflected nothing. But, as I kept looking at them for sometime, something happened.

I realized she just didn’t noticed one thing in my eyes.

My eyes lie too.

6 thoughts on “what my eyes are to you?

    • Really? I never thought the conversations are so impressive.
      And thanks for your inspiring feedback. I just wish I get more feedback like yours…


    • I can’t say everything I mentioned is fiction…
      By the way, I do have those cruel, painful, deceptive ….. lying eyes… (just joking)
      thanks for your comment


  1. Eyes don’t lie…They are Mysterious…n magnetic…n yes they talk. Deceptive??? well its the other persons point of view…not within your control…its the other persons failure to read “The Eyes”.

    Liked the post…


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