A breathe of fresh air ?

images72That day in middle of the night it happened. The chest pain was sudden and extremely painful. It was getting difficult for me to breathe now. My chest was not expanding properly, it was as if something stuck into my lungs and it is not allowing me to breathe. I was gasping for more air. The uneasiness was unexplainable. The more I try to take air inside my lungs, the more pain I had in my chest.

I got out of the best and went to the balcony to get some fresh air. For a moment things seemed to calm down, but struck again with full power. I was helpless; I didn’t have any solution for that. Is this how people die? Am I dying now? Thoughts like those kept circulating in my brain. I knew I was not getting enough oxygen; my brain was not getting enough oxygen. I was probably hallucinating. Oh god! What is happening?

It was something strange to me. I have felt uneasy earlier, but not even went near to what I was feeling now. I have heard that during asthama attack, people feel like this. But I never had asthama, then what is this?

I came back inside and sat on the chair. My body was getting weak now. All my breathes have just become half breathes. No matter how much I try, I can’t breathe all air inside. And slowly everything around me started getting blurred. I was finding it difficult to keep my eyes open. With every half breathe, my chest pain was increasing. And with the last breathes I thought “I wish you were here”

But she was not.

After around half and hour of passing out, I became alive again. I opened my eyes and looked around for some medicine. I took the inhaler in my hand and kept looking at it.

I just kept looking at it.

The thought again came to my mind “I wish you were here”

But she was not.

And then, I used the inhaler. Immediately the congestion in the chest went off. I could breathe properly now. It felt relieved, I felt so light. I again went to the bed and lied down. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to enjoy breathing fresh air now. But,

Again the thought came to my mind “I wish you were here”

But she was not.

I went back to sleep. I can’t think of her more now.

3 thoughts on “A breathe of fresh air ?

  1. You know what, you will tell that I am praising you once again, but honestly a good writer is the person who can give the perfect start to a story. You have that talent buddy.

    Unfortunately I am still learning how to start a story. Hopefully will learn something from you and your writings…


    • Once again a very very encouraging statement from you.. i am happy that atleast someone is liking what I write .. I am just trying my best to write my thoughts in a most expressive manner… thanks once again


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