I don’t want my face to change?

images70I don’t know what I was thinking when I opened the door of my flat. She hurriedly came inside and said “Thank god !!! no one saw me. I am really scared, you know. What if someone sees me and tell her?”

I didn’t said anything and took out the water bottle from the refrigerator and forwarded it to her. “Cool down. I know she will not know, that’s why I called you.”

“Are you sure, I mean it will be really bad if she comes to know that you are with me here in your flat” she looked scared.

I cupped her face with my both hand, gave her a soft kiss and said “Since you are already here, damage is already done. So it depends on you whether you want to waste this damage or want to make something good out of it” with my charming naughty smile.

“Of course, you are right. Anyway I am dying to hold you in my arms. Now, don’t delay and give me your most wild kiss and make me melt in your arms” she said and I followed her command and carried her to the bed.

And the next hour was lost in exploring new meaning of passion, love, hunger, desire and more. And by the end of the next hour I was aware of all the sensitive points she had in her body. And then in the next hour I showed her the things I am very good at. She kept on shouting, moaning, yelling, abusing and I kept on using my creativity. And at the end of fourth hour, I came out of the bed smiling.

I turned and looked at her naked body lying in the bed. The curves were so artistic, as if a mature and seasoned painter has made the best use of his brush. I again felt like going to the bed and admiring the painter’s creation.
As I took my step towards the bed I saw myself in the big mirror. I turned and faced the mirror. I only know myself by the way I see myself in the mirror. I person who was reflected in the mirror for so many years, I thought it was me.

Suddenly my image in the mirror started shaking, it was getting blurred. My hand also started shaking; suddenly I had a severe pain in the chest. It was getting difficult for me to breathe.

Still I managed to look in the mirror. And I got shocked. My image in the mirror changed. It was someone else. Who is he? Of course not me, I don’t know him. I looked around myself. No one was there except me. I looked at the mirror again. How come I don’t recognize myself. Did my face changed? Did I Changed?

My chest pain was getting worse now. I turned around at looked at my bed. She was still sleeping peacefully with a smile in her face. But my world was shaking now.

I turned my face to the mirror. It was confirmed. I was no longer me. My image reflected in the mirror changed. I have changed. Everything that belonged to me is longer mine.

Oh god? What is this? I don’t like this image. I like the way I was. I don’t want to change my face.

The image in the mirror was smiling. And I knew it’s too late now…

4 thoughts on “I don’t want my face to change?

    • thanks Gayatri for this awesome encouragement. I still need lot of practice and lot of feedback before I start writing big story.


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