Some random thoughts about her ?

images1#1.  I live in a house surrounded by big fence. A ferocious dog guards the gate who barks and bites anyone who dares to intrude through the gate.
No wonder he bit you too and scared you away. Your fault that you didn’t realize, the dog stays within me, he is just part of my soul.


I looked around myself and thought – what’s wrong with this picture?
The sky is not wrong, the trees can’t be, the road, building, the people around, everything seems perfect.
Then? I realize the only thing wrong is – she isn’t with me …


I walked into the crowded street.

Lots of people were hustling around. Some face suspicious, some full of questions, some eager and adventurous, some pretty faces too.
I halted and thought, no where was the face I was looking for….
Everyday convinced that today’s the day, she will be there and every day turned out to be wrong.


While walking through the main road, I crossed the small alley.
A thought struck me, what will I do if she comes out of the alley now?
On silly impulse, with coolness in the neck and a thumping heart, I turned and looked into the alley.
It was empty.


Are you also alone like me? Are you also searching for me, the way I am ?
Do you also cry looking at the moon in a clear night like me?
Will I recognize you the moment I see you somewhere ?

Imaging an imagination also has limits. I can’t do it anymore

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