Why my blog has only few readers?

PH.OBAMA.869.MLLast six months I am writing for my blog. In the beginning my enthusiasm was different; and as time passed it changed. Initially, I saw hundreds of people giving feedback’s to other blogs, I felt happy. I was sure my posts will also catch them up soon.

I wrote a lot of posts, almost everyday I was writing two or three posts; and everyday I expected a whole lot of visitors (readers).

Nothing happened. Everyday started with a new beginning, new expectations and everyday ended with the same old routine endings. The wait seems to become unbearable. My visitor counter moved at a snail pace. My posts hardly got feedback’s.

And that led me to do some retrospection. I asked myself: Why is that people are not reading my blog? Why I am not getting feedback or comments? Do I really need to be an expert in SEO and tagging to ensure good number of readers? What is that people read?

I read all my blog again. I found the following drawbacks –

Bad English – My English is bad and phrasing worse. I am not able to describe the emotions in most perfect way or most readable way. I read few other blogs and they seem to be perfect, in English, in use of words, phrasing sentences, or building up the stories. No wonder they have lots of visitors.

Asking Comments – All I am doing is writing about myself. I am not giving advices or asking people to comment. Title like “What to do when so and so happens” gets more clicks. Or posts which ask people their view points do get feedback’s. My posts are not open for discussion, which itself is a drawback.

Writing poems – I don’t write poems. I have seen posts with poems gets far more clicks then some of the good posts. Maybe poems are a better way of expressing our thoughts. Writing poems needs a lot of creativity and it really needs a good stock of vocabulary.

Using Pictures – I don’t use pictures to express my thoughts. I have seen some blogs using remarkably expressive photographs (though taken from google search) and it complements their thoughts. May be pictures are also a good way of expressing thoughts.

No Humour – I have no humour in my writings. Writing with humour and makings things good to read is based on creativity and proper use of English. And I agree it is all because of lack of creativity on my part that I can’t make my writing interesting

Different topics – I don’t write in various topics. All that I write about is life and realities. Maybe people like to read different topics and have wide interests.

SEO and Tagging – I don’t know what it means but whatever it means …. It is important. Wherever I read – ‘how to increase visitors’, I see ‘search engine optimization’ and ‘tagging’ as the key words. I am not an expert in these. I use tags as I feel they define my posts, not to ensure more visitors from google search.

Content: – I was writing ‘boring’ stuff. It was like a parallel cinema which only few visitors go and watch. I was writing the harsh realities of life and asking myself some difficult questions about relationships. Maybe my approach is wrong. Maybe people don’t like asking questions which don’t have easy answers. May be people don’t want to look into the mirror and look deep into their eyes, it scares them. Sometimes it is better to avoid or not hear certain things; maybe my posts are also falling into that categories.

 And then I said to myself “Oh! I thought blogging was easier. Only the strength of my emotions and inner thoughts will be enough to interest readers to read and put forward their comments about it or recomment my blog to others.”

Well I forgot, everything has become calculated and mechanized now, everything has to follow routines and everything can be manipulated. Loneliness, sadness, deep emotions, difficult questions about life hardly counts, no one has time for all this. The cover of the books or the name of the author sells, not the content of the book – as someone rightly said.

I thought blogging was different. But ….

“Oh God!!! Not again …. I started again ….”

17 thoughts on “Why my blog has only few readers?

  1. seo doesn’t matter that much if you have a good content (i have realized that).. every one has there own sense of writing and thats make them unique .. believe me 98% of the article you would read on google about seo are just copied and pasted material it would help you to get visitor .. keep writing and reading others blog so that they feel your presence over sphere ..they will come back to your blog .. never be disheartened over visitors count keep writing 🙂


  2. My dear pkdeka, don’t worry about SEO, you can get the most basic things required for SEO from few of my blogs, if I can be able to explain them to you through my blog posts, I will feel myself proud that I am a good blogger. Though to be very frank, whatever you have written is the story of not only yours, even I too have the same story, and not only we two, there are so many more bloggers out here who has the same story.

    Don’t worry about less comments on your post, only thing which you can do is to improve yourself. Feel the passion while writing any new post. The things should always come from your deep inside.

    One more thing, always remember that unless you won’t give you won’t be able to take it as well. Try to comment on others blog, and one day they will also revert, but then also do remember that getting comments like “wow” “nice post” “good work” etc. are a waste. Try to comment on serious bloggers blog, do review whatever you think best about that particular blog post, I am sure those experienced blogger will revert back to you, not only on their blog, but on your blog as well.

    I won;t say that you will become a great writer overnight, obviously it will take lots of effort and time, but then you can always ask different questions to your readers. Do prompt them for suggesting something. Do prompt them for feedback’s, Do prompt them for comments, and I am sure they will.

    Stop thinking negative, just begin the process with enthusiasm and passion.


    • That was quite motivating. I have read your blogs and they are useful. And yes, i am extremely passionate of what I do.
      I sincerely appreciate the effort you put in to suggest me and advice me. Thanks a lot.


      • Thanks buddy for appraising my blog. To be very frank with you I am not at all better than you when it comes about English language or expressing things are concerned. But still I never quit..


        • I am not going to quit so easily … I have not even started my effort . And trust me, I don’t think your English is comparable to me (See my english, it meant something else, ha ha ha). I am far worse in grammer.


  3. Well, I dont know a thing about SEO and tagging stuff, I dont use pictures in all my posts and I do write poetry but not all of then generate good response. I think at the end of the day what matters is good content. If you write good, readers are bound to come. Not that I have millions of readers flocking to my blog, but over the time, I have realized that its only good content that can bring readers.


    • Good content is a subjective term…I think you write good and that’s why you get good content .. and I am happy that you commented on my writing .. my job is done … thanks for writing your thoughts for me..


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