Materializing Negative thoughts ? #atozchallenge

images‘Dex’ has stopped believing in himself. He got too insecure and has started running away from responsibilities. The people around, stopped believing in him quite sometime back.

The story started and ended with two incidents. One was his entrepreneurial venture and the other one was his marriage.

His entrepreneurial business failed. It was not entirely his fault but somewhere his over trusting nature along with too much ambition (desired to achieve too much in too less time) tilted everything towards worse. He invested heavily into his business and finally landed in heavy debt, but could not revive the business. He lost all the money along and became a laughing stock for people around him.

The next incidence was his marriage. While running after his business too much he could not keep his family commitments. His wife suffered a lot. The family literally survived without eating for many days. She could not take it anymore. She left him. Again everyone laughed at him. She too joined them and said the last word “You are just a worthless person”

He could not overcome the failures. It shattered everything for him. There was no one around him to share his loneliness, his frustration and his failures.

Then one day, he wrote one page about his feelings and his loneliness. It was his first post. He put it in the blog. After few days he saw few people read his emotions, some even commented and liked it.

He saw a light in the end of the dark tunnel. He felt as if some people still don’t laugh at him. He wanted to believe in himself again. He kept on writing and felt responsible for his writing. He didn’t wanted to run away from here as he is realizing his readers appreciate what he write, he was not a failure here. He was creating his own writing standards now, he wanted to be more perfect this time. And the more number of visitors, the more comments, likes etc. are encouraging him, making him live his second life.

For Dex, blogging is a hope and inspiration to prove a point, to achieve unknown recognitions, to believe in himself and to feel relevant.

The world is not yet ended for Dex, there is another world for him now, where at least few people believe in him.

From now on, his own standards and hope of doing better will keep him doing the best that he can do …

Dex, alias me, will always be thankful for all readers for giving me a second life, a life as a blogger.


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What inspired you to be a blogger? What is it that still keeps you going? #BlogInspiration


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