Materializing Positive Thoughts ? #atozchallenge

father_and_daughter_by_ibnelson-d4h0mspShe stopped near the store and through the window gave a long look at the black pearl necklace.

Neither she said anything nor I had the courage to say something.

I gave her enough time to look at it.

I just kept looking at her and the desire, the hope in her eyes. I just had tears in my eyes. Both of us knew that we can’t afford to buy that.

Suddenly she turned her face and started walking. I too joined her.

While walking slowly she closed near me and held my hand. I took a long breadth.

“I love you papa”, she said that and looked at me. I knew she understood my feelings. I could not stop my tears. I just took her in my arms and hugged her. There were no tears in her eyes. She was stronger than me.

“Papa, you are embarrassing me now, can I have a ice cream”, she giggled cutely

I wiped my eyes and holding her hand went towards the ice cream vendor.

As she took the ice cream in her hand, she said “You are my best papa”. I saw the great satisfaction and happiness in her eyes now.

I gave her a smile.

I don’t want to think anything negative. I don’t want to cry over my position or situation.

I wanted to materialize positive thoughts.

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