Joking with life realities ? #atozchallenge

images 12  When my wife said in the morning that she is having  labor pain, I got tense. The time has come. I was not excited about the new baby, I was more worried about my wife, her operation.


If she has normal delivery, my expenditure will come to around 5000, but if something wrong happens, it might go up to 15000 to 50,000 or may be even more. No, I cant even think of that.

I had to shift her to a hospital now. I looked at his diary and the monthly expenditures. My saving was Rs.6000 only. I could not save anything more than that. I had to survive also and feed my family within a budget of 15000. I wanted to sell my scooter, the only asset I had, but, didn’t realized that she will have the pain so soon.

I was already into serious debt with banks, local money lenders, relatives. I had nowhere to go for money. I knew my money management was wrong somewhere, but everything does not happen according to plans. My serious illness, three months in hospital, losing job was not planned. A year long illness of my father, his operation in hospital was not planned. But I had to survive, and I had to take care of my parents too. I always thought I will come out of this debt burden. I worked hard. I stopped extra expenditures, but still I need to eat, my family need to eat.

I looked at her, tried to smile and said “yes, we will go to hospital now. Let’s hope god will take us through this also without any troubles. Don’t worry, I already have lit agarbati and diya in front of the god, I am sure he will take care of us”.

She also tried to smile back with assurance. She knew that neither I lit agarbati or diya in front of god nor I pray to god. She knew I don’t trust god now.

As soon as we reached hospital, she was taken to observation room. After whole night being in the careful observation of the doctor, I got the news at morning 4am that I am a father now. The nurse came out with the baby to show me his face.

I kept looking at him, few tears rolled out from my eyes. I could not gather the courage to take him into my arms.

My hands were shaking; Do I really want to welcome him to my world?

But then, I did. I took him into my arms and kissed his forehead. I said loud “Look at me baby, Dad is here, he will take care of you from now on”.

I smiled, I know I had to take care of him now, no matter what. That’s the reality of life.

I am ready to joke with this life realities.

And now after five years, when I look at him, I don’t have tears in my eyes. He brings smile in me now, as I know I still take good care of him.


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