Happiness – the secret ? #atozchallenge

images13  The very next day she came again. This time   she brought another note

“Here read this”

I took the note, it said “Happiness – the secret”

“See in order to find happiness in life, you need to do certain things, you need to streamline your life”

“I can’t do anything, you know, happiness is not something that we take certain steps and it starts pouring”

“No, you agreed that you will no longer believe in self pity, you will trust people, be positive and put your energy in good people and good things. So now you need to trust me. whatever I am telling you is something which I truly believe in. I want you to be happy as my happiness is in your happiness.

“All your lessons is okay. But if you are searching for your happiness in my happiness, I am sorry, you will never be happy”

“You leave that to me. You just be happy. If you are not concerned about my happiness than don’t bother. Why you should be even concerned what I believe in or not. Just do this for your own self”

“Okay I will do this for my own sake. If I don’t feel like doing it, I will not continue. And you will never pressurize me”

I Looked at the steps

o    Be systematic and follow a regime. Prepare time table and try to stick to it. Don’t take it as a burden. Just follow it so that you have sufficient time for activities that you want to do.

o    Do exercise. Sweat and take out the heat from inside your body. Take out time to walk in fresh air

o    Talk to people around you. If you don’t feel like talking to known people, write or chat online, just speak out, say whatever comes to your mind.

o    Eat healthy and sleep at regular times. Eating and sleeping disorder can disorient your system time clock. You need to give proper rest to your mind.

o    Buy good clothes, develop hobbies (do anything that interests you) apart from your regular job. This will bring confidence in you. Self belief is important to move ahead.

o    Play with kids. Kids are abundant of energy, their positive energy flows into your body giving positive vibes.

o    Listen to music, songs, read books.

“Are you sure these small steps will bring in the happiness in me” I was skeptical

“Trust me, these are just the beginning steps, of course. We will address your serious issues slowly and slowly. But we need to make a beginning. We need to look life in different perspectives” She smiled

“Don’t tell me that you will come up with another list of workables next time” I shrugged.

“Maybe or may not be. You will work with me on this for some days. I guarantee that you will feel better and then we move on to the next steps.

Well, I agreed. What’s wrong in giving it a try? So far I never followed a regime. But I always felt somewhere that I needed one. My life overall was messy. Maybe because of this I could not attain to certain things at right time and had to made hasty decisions which finally led to all disturbances in my life.


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