Garden of Happiness !!! #atozchallenge the list of topics I am going to write for atozchallenge)

She entered my room hurriedly, and threw a sheet of paper at me and shouted “Read this”. I took the paper and read it

92% of your worrying is a complete waste of time.

Author and motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale, estimates that

  • 40% of the things you worry about will never happen
  • 30% of the things you worry about couldn’t be changed by all the worrying in the world
  • 12% of your worries are needless worries about your health
  • 10% of your worries are about petty, miscellaneous things
  • 8% of your worries are about real and legitimate concerns.

I looked at her, “So what am I supposed to do now”

She smiled “Just stop thinking about darkness and think something about brightness”

“How funny?” I frowned

“No, I am serious. The facts I showed you proves that 92% of your worrying is a complete waste of time” she kept smiling

“Who said I am worried” I kept frowning.

“Of course you are. You are too angry with yourself. You are worrying about things which don’t exist. You are writing about all wrong things. Time has come now for you to move ahead of the self pity and think positive” she said and tapped on my back

“What does that mean?” I didn’t moved.

“You know that, and you understand everything. Just look around you, you are alone. No one is with you. Why do you think everyone leaves you like this?” she made a circle around as she said that.

“I don’t know why everyone leave me. I am just alone” I shrugged.

“You are not alone, you choose to stay and be alone. You think you are a failure. The negative thought, this darkness covers you all over. You think there is nothing positive, nothing good around you” she again tapped my back

I got irritated, “Stopped tapping my back now. Is there anything good anywhere? Everyone is so selfish. Everyone is ready to harm other and just move ahead”

“No you are wrong. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. You may have encountered some people like that, but that can’t be possible for everyone. There are people who are happy and like everyone around them to be happy. They think positive and are positive. They think about the good things in life and good things happen to them” She kept explaining.

I forwarded my argument “See, these statistics are general statistics. And may not be applicable to me. My worries are genuine. And I am finding it difficult to trust people and make emotional relationships with them”

“Oh, my baby, you are just seeing the wrong way. You make these things grow such big that you feel you cannot cross them. You don’t want to believe that there is far more greener pastures on the other side of life. The more you sink in this thought of mistrust, helpless, anger, frustration, the more you will go deep into it. The darkness will become darker day by day” she felt pity towards me.

She cared my face with her soft hand and continued “Stop feeling self pity for yourself. Don’t let your energy to go in a negative direction. Think good, think about good people. It will bring in positivity in you, it will bring trust, self belief and good spirit in you”

She continued “Just try few steps just for me. If these things does not work for you, then you are free to do whatever you wish for. Just

  • Stop being self pity
  • Be positive
  • Put your energy in thinking good things and good people
  • Trust others.

I laughed, “you seriously believe that I will get my inner happiness by this four things”

“No, these are just the first step. My whole happiness secret is just answer to your AtoZ challenge theme”


“yes, the moment you came forward for the challenge, I prepared the whole course of happiness for you. Steps you need to follow to set up your Garden of Happiness. And these includes

Day 8 : Alphabet ‘H’ – Happiness – the secret?

Day 9 : Alphabet ‘I’ – Increasing self believe

Day 10 : Alphabet ‘J’ – Joking with life realities

Day 11 : Alphabet ‘K’ – Killing the darkness of the soul

Day 12 : Alphabet ‘L’ – Loving yourself and your soul

Day 13 : Alphabet ‘M’ – Materializing positive thoughts

Day 14 : Alphabet ‘N’ – Neutralizing negative thoughts

Day 15 : Alphabet ‘O’ – Optimum reality check

Day 16 : Alphabet ‘P’ – Pressure of being happy

Day 17 : Alphabet ‘Q’ – Quest for inner happiness

Day 18 : Alphabet ‘R’ – Real life & Real happiness

Day 19 : Alphabet ‘S’ – Sorrow, sadness and Darkness

Day 20 : Alphabet ‘T’ – Truth about darkness and happiness

Day 21 : Alphabet ‘U’ – U-turn of life

Day 22 : Alphabet ‘V’ – Violating normal life routines

Day 23 : Alphabet ‘W’ – Welcoming Happiness

Day 24 : Alphabet ‘X’ – X-tra happiness, X-tra success

Day 25 : Alphabet ‘Y’ – Yolk – the inner core of life

Day 26 : Alphabet ‘Z’ – Zebra straps – darkness and happiness go together?

And in each step I am going to share the secrets of life and soul. I will tell you how you overcome the darkness to get happiness of the soul”

I kept silent, she was talking sense. I was so far only thinking about the negative side of life. Time has come when I need to think little bit differently. I need to follow the above steps.

Well, I wanted to plant the saplings. I wanted to have a colourful garden of happiness.

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10 thoughts on “Garden of Happiness !!! #atozchallenge

  1. Great way of giving us a glimpse on what next on your A-Z! And yes life is beaYOUtiful… See the YOU here.. .very powerful your thoughts and emotions….they build life!


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