Easy to be Happy, is it? #atozchallenge

images12My day started with the morning like any other day. I came out in the balcony with the brush in my hand. I always feel lazy in the morning, and I hate brushing since childhood. In fact, I just hate things which are routine.


With half opened eyes, and still with irritations, I looked around. Just below the balcony in the ground floor on boy was washing a car. He was probably a helper. I was instantly jealous of him, because of the way he looked fresh and energetic. Quite meticulously he was washing the car and was humming some song. I was sure it was some Hindi new bollywood number as his strokes of the cleaning had rhythmic breaks in between. He was happy?

Another person soon appeared alongside. He looked smart young and was in his gym outfits. His Rayban, puma shoes, reebok jacket, with a thick gold chain in his neck and two phones in his hand nicely portrayed his wealth.

“Finish it in 5 minutes, I am getting late”, he said to the boy and started inspecting the washed and cleaned car simultaneously revolving the key ring in his hand. And most surprisingly he was also singing some hindi new bollywood song and desperately trying to copy the real singers voice.
“Okay, good” he smiled, and quite satisfied with the work he took out his wallet and offered the boy a 100 rupee note,

The boy was smiled with gratitude as he took the money and said “thank you sir”,

I was thrilled to see two happy people, each singing some hindi new bollywood songs.

I ran and took out my diary. The first page said “If you want to forget your past, your depression or frustration of life, BE HAPPY”

Wow, it looked so easy. Do your work, sing a hindi new bollywood song, and you are happy!!!

Instantly I started humming my version of one Honey Singh new hindi song…. I was glad no was around. As my vocal cords were too harmonious, and some people do call it as noise.

So, I was passed my day, singing and doing my work with new enthusiasm, I was happy.

Late that night just after my dinner I heard loud noise outside my house. I came out to balcony to see what was happening. In the ground floor, I again saw that wealthy guy. But this time he was in nice suit and surprisingly he was not singing any hindi song, instead was repeating Amrish Puri’s movie dialogues. This time also he was trying to copy the actors voice.

I could not understand anything, so tried harder to listen to whats going on.

“Who do you think I am, my name is Mr. Rahul Choudhury, hundreds of boys like you work under me. How dare you were sitting when I came through the gate. Don’t you know you have to stand up and acknowledge my presence” he was shouting.

The boy, who was the same helper who washed his car in the morning, said in a meek voice, “sir, morning I injured my leg while washing your car, I was just putting ointment when you entered”

The man in suit again shouted at the top of his voice “So, now you want to blame me, as if I injured you. Can’t you even wash a car without getting injured” and with the end of the sentence he slapped the boy tightly.

The young boy fell down instantly.

The man in suit continued in top of his voice “You people will never understand how to respect others. I have the power to feed people like you. And you have to run around me. You treat me well and I will make your life”

The boy, who got up now, was sobbing “yes sir, I am sorry sir. I will never repeat this. I will always do as you say”

I came inside my house. I could hear it any further. I didn’t knew exactly what to think. The people who seemed to be so happy in the morning, how come turned so different. Is the darkness of the night had this effect? Does the night really brings out the real darkness in people.

That night I slept late. I was confused. I was so happy today, I thought I had learned the secret of becoming happy. But, what was that? And amidst such thoughts I didn’t realized when I was asleep.

Next day morning, like a normal routine, I took out the brush and came out in the balcony.

I was numb. The same boy was again washing the car, and to my utmost shock was singing the same song he was singing yesterday morning. He was fresh, energetic. Oh my god ! He was happy.

And then the same gentlemen in the his reebok jacket came out singing another song. And after judging his washed car again handed the boy a hundred rupee note.

I boy smiled and thanked him, and opened the door of the car for the wealthy man.

Now, this took away all my thoughts. My mind was blank for many minutes. And then I thought, both of them are happy again.

Maybe being happy is just forgetting the fast, and continuing with the present. Maybe happiness is leaving away all bitterness in life and accept life as it is.

I will never understand how one can hurt someone, or get hurt by someone and still remain happy after that.

Maybe I not happy because I don’t understand how easy life is?


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4 thoughts on “Easy to be Happy, is it? #atozchallenge

  1. What that guy did to the boy is outrageous, but I guess the boy accepted it as his lot since he at least has a job because of that! Unfortunately, the man does not even realize that he did anything wrong!


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