10 questions I hate being asked. #10Questions

images10This post is written as part of IndiSpire, Indiblogger.in The 10 questions I mentioned below can be looked at in different ways.

And of course, these questions can be answered in a most simple way, which we normally do, but a serious look at them, and they ask you something deep.

1. How are you?

Simple answer – Oh, fine, I am absolutely fine, and what about you?

 What do you expect me to be in this world? I am trying to survive, pull my life in pace with the pace around me, attempting to meet others expectations, getting frustrated, feeling lonely and fighting my life’s battle and so on. I can hardly be ‘me’ in this world.

 2. What are you doing?

Simple answer – Oh, I am reading a book. OR – I am just working in office. OR – I am eating

 I am doing nothing. I don’t know what am I doing at all. If I know what I am doing then probably I will not be doing what am I doing right now. I am just doing what I am supposed to do, and not what I want to do. I am just trying to something or someone for others, doing exactly what they want me to do.

 3. Where are you?

Simple answer – I am in office OR – I just reached home. OR- I am in clients place.

 I don’t know where I am. This world seems strange to me. The location around me is unknown to me. Everyone is strange to me. I don’t even know whether I am real. There are several galaxies or parallel world, and I present in each one of them, now which one is me, the real me, I don’t know.

 4. Why you did it?

Simple answer – Oh, there was no other way out. I had to do it, I didn’t had time. OR – I thought that’s the best possible way to handle it, so I did it.

 I don’t have any explanation for what I did. If fact, I cannot explain most of the things I do. Something I do things to run away from certain things, sometimes to hide, sometimes to remove my frustration, and above all I do most of the things on compulsions.

 5. What will you do now?

Simple answer – I think I will go ahead with what is best for my family. OR – I think this is best for my career now OR – I think I will just move on, see for new opportunities

 Does everyone know exactly what they will do? I mean situation compels us to do things, we can’t plan for everything. There is always something called destiny which takes us from places to places. So, ultimately I don’t know what I will do, as I just do things as and when required. Future is not under my control. what I think right decision to do, there is no guarantee that that’s the right decision at all.

 6. Do you have anything to say?

Simple answer – Of course, I have lot, I always have a lot of things. Just tell me what you want to talk about. OR – I don’t like it, you don’t say anything to me, you always want me to say.

 Don’t you understand that I don’t want to say anything or have anything to say. If you cannot understand my silence then what is the point in even saying it. If I express all my feelings just by saying it, where is the real understanding?

 7. Why you didn’t call me?

Simple answer – Sorry, sorry, I got so busy. OR – Oh, I almost forgot you know, why didn’t you called me, you know I wait for you call always.

I don’t know why I didn’t called you. Maybe my ego didn’t permit to bend or beg to you. or maybe I didn’t wanted to talk. Or may be I wanted to stay alone. May be I want to run away as I stretched something far more than what I planned for. I don’t have the courage to tell you the truth and probably I will end up lying to you.

 8. Do you love me?

Simple answer – Of course I love you. Or, why are asking, don’t you know I do love you.

If you are asking that question, then you definitely know that I don’t love you. Because the moment you are asking that it clearly shows that you never understood me or my feelings. Love is just a feeling, and it needs to felt, it does not need assurances or answers to questions like this. so why are you asking me?

 9. Am I pretty?

Simple answer – You are the prettiest girl I have ever met. Or, of course you are pretty.

Why are asking me this? Do you need others to find you pretty. I will prefer you like yourself the way you are. Go and look yourself in the mirror and feel pretty, rather than asking and getting for confirmation from other people. If you don’t believe in yourself, sorry, I cant help you

 10. Why are you like this?

Simple answer – I am like this, because you made me like this or I was not like this, but the situation made me like this. or I will change, change everything for you.

 My favorite hated question. I am like this because I am like this. I am me. and I don’t want to give any explanation to anyone nor I need others to understand me. They like or dislike me is their own perspective. I don’t work to change that, I work to satisfy myself and please myself.


I felt funny when I wrote the questions with their explanations and their simple answers. I am sure some of you will feel the same.


5 thoughts on “10 questions I hate being asked. #10Questions

  1. Simple questions yet irritating if asked frequently. I like last one. When they ask, “Why are you like this?”. I think they are killing individuality by asking such question.


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