Being happy in life? #AtoZChallenge

7576324464_b9c294ebc6Day 2 : Alphabet ‘B’

This was the third time I pressed the snooze button of the alarm. At last I looked at the watch. It was 6.30am. My god! It’s late, no not again today. And before any further delay or laziness, I rushed out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. I brushed my teeth hurriedly and started shaving.

I looked at my face in the mirror, full of foam all around my face, I said to myself, “hero you looked old”. There was a momentarily glimpse of sadness in my eyes, yes, I was getting old, I thought. But who has the time to contemplate about old and young, I don’t have time to think about myself, not now atleast, and I started moving the twin blades in super fast speed removing the foam around my face and my old age too. I can’t afford to be old, not today, I have lot of things to do.

Somehow I completed all my bathroom activity exactly within half an hour, and I rushed towards the kitchen. Maggi noodles, not again, I thought. But forget it, I don’t have time to think about my taste buds now. Putting the pan in the stove, I said to the maggi “No one can save you today, my dear maggi, I know you have been hiding for quite some time now” and started cutting the maggi packet. Putting everything into the pan, I opened the fridge. Thank god, I can have the last serving of the orange juice. I took out the packet and poured it in the glass. My breakfast was ready. Looking at them I said “Maggi and Juice, don’t get naughty okay, stay wherever you are”, eating them will have to wait, as I rushed towards the bedroom.

As I took out the shirt from the wardrobe, I realized, I forgot to press my shirt yesterday night. I am really lazy, I thought and took out the pressing iron and put it to heat. Looking at the shoes I smiled and said to him “Can’t you shine on your own, where is your spark?”, it didn’t replied back. I called upon the brush, “Hello sweetie pie, my sweet black polish where are you, come out fast, I don’t have time to play hide and seek today” and started throwing things here and there while searching for it. I don’t know why things never stay in their fixed places. Finally I got it. I took in my hand raised it towards the sky “I found it, hurray!!!” I shouted loud. And before anyone could respond, I started behaving like a well experienced cobbler. I was successful, the shoes were shinning enough and the spark in them was back as a respect to my hard labor. Well, no time to be an author here as I started pressing the shirt. I scolder the shirt “Can’t you maintain your position. why are you showing curves like a girl? Keep straight position and stay straight wherever I press” and the shirt started obeying my command. Putting the pressed shirt in the shirt hanger, I ran towards the kitchen.

“Oh, my baby is still waiting for me. Don’t worry, big dady is back. And he will eat you now” I laughed out loud as I put a big spoonful of maggi inside my mouth. And then in the next 5 minutes I fought the battle like a brave soldier. Maggi trying to force its way out of my mouth, and I trying to push it inside with the orange juice. At last I announced raising both hands in air, “I won, maggi you lost”, and threw the empty plate in the wash basin.

And exactly at 07.30 am I was closing the door as I stepped out. I was happy. Another morning shift goal achieved. I looked around and realized it was difficult to keep my eyes open. It was seriously hot today, too hot in the morning itself. Putting on the googles, I looked around, as if I was waiting for my car. When nothing came around, I laughed and thought, “leave acting like a celebrity, there is no limosine car coming for you, so rush now or you will miss the bus today also”. I said loud “Can’t a celebrity walk, of course he can, and yes I can too” and started walking towards the bus stand.

As I reached the bus stand, I saw her. Wow!!! she was there again. Looking at her, even in this heat, I felt like being in ice land. As I reached near her, I felt a cool breeze brushed over my face. How can she look so fresh and refreshing? I came little bit more closer to her. “I have been watching you for quite many days now, and I know you watch me too. Can I ask you something” Is this a good line to start conversation, I thought? Forget it, I giggled, “I know you watch me too”, as if I am a celebrity that everyone is dying to see or talk to me.

But, I have to talk to her, I have to ask her. Being brave and fighting against maggi was one thing, being brave here and asking her this, is quite different. I kept looking at her as she boarded the bus. I wish I can also take that bus. I wish my office was also in that route. Anyway, I could not ask her today, so what may be tomorrow. I tapped myself at the back and said to myself “Yes, hero you can do it” and rehearsed the line “Can I ask you something, which soap do you use, you always look fresh?” as I got up in my bus.

It was 8.30am when I got down from the bus. A small walk and a cigarette will take me to the office. As I stand near the tree smoking I saw people rushing towards their destinations. What a life we all have landed in? No time to relax, think about life, think about oneself? At least I am fortunate enough to have my own cigarette time, what else anyone needs in this life.

And at exactly 5 minutes before 9:00am I entered my office and reached near my table. Seeing me, Ram, our office peon came rushing and said “Boss is calling. Again angry and shouting”. Nothing new, I thought, anyway who cares, as I hurried towards his cabin. I came exactly after 2 hours, with lots of files and written notes. There is a meeting after two days and this weekend with some delegations from somewhere and I need to complete these files immediately and prepare a detailed project description.

As I was putting the files in the table I said to the files “Whosoever you are and from wherever you have come. I am going to kill all of you. All of you will be declared dead, and I will authorize that by putting my notes and signature at the end of it”. All the files look scared, as I took the first one and started the first open heart surgery in that day.

The next time I stood up from my chair, it was lunch time. I was ready for another battle in the office canteen. The only difference being that this time the enemy was not maggi, in fact there were many enemies. Rice, dal, and there was something else, I could not figure out what it was, may be that is called ‘sabji’. Anyway, my weapon this time was unfiltered normal tap water. Trust me it was strong, it also carried some pungent smell and I have no word to define it’s taste. Somehow it was able to win the battle, and was almost successful in killing all his enemies except little of that so called ‘sabji’. At the end I again said loud “I won”, no one clapped.

I went out of the canteen and outside the office premises. Now this was my fun time. Lighting up the cigarette, I thought. “Why do they make such small cigarette? What will happen if the cigarette is like a long pipe and almost of my height? How will I smoke it?” I laughed out loud. No one around me laughed.

Exactly after 45 minutes of luxury and fun time, I was back at my surgery desk. So far I completed 4 surgeries and I was proud to use different types of stitches. I liked the most when I use the red stitch. I said “See my power, I can put circles with red pen and put my initials also. Can you say anything? Can you fight back?” and laughed, I knew the file can’t reply back, it has lost its battle against me.

And then, Exactly at 7:00 pm, I closed the last file. All operations successful, I performed the open heart surgery in all of them with excellent results. I said loud “You are really great. Yes, you can really do it”. I looked around the office, my only company were the mosquitoes jamming around, no one else was there. Ram was singing a hindi romantic song somewhere far away, like me he also think he is a celebrity singer. No point in asking him anything now, as I moved out of the office.

As I reached the bus stand, no one was there too. But who cares, I only wait for someone in morning time.

I reached home at 8.30 after packing food for my dinner at a nearby fast food joint. Oh, yes, I didn’t forgot to buy another bottle of orange juice and 5 packets of maggi. I don’t care if the army of maggi is getting bigger and stronger, as long as I have orange juice, I can win each battle.

After taking a light shower, I switched on the TV. It was news time. There was some heated debate going on, each one shouting at the top of their voice and no one listening to anyone. I switched the channel, I saw some monkeys jumping over the trees and fighting over the food. I could not resist the smile, only difference between the previous channel and this one is that monkeys don’t wear clothes, and they have long tails. Then I switched to a song channel, someone was shouting here also, but trying to be as melodies as possible. Some girls in bikinis wear jumping around in hot sunlight in a desert. What is this? I thought. They also need proper soap like her, and I laughed loud. Then I watched a movie, I could not make any sense of which. Enough of the TV, I thought, after 2 hours.

I came to the kitchen and looked at the dirty utensils in the wash basin. I surely can’t maintain the cuteness and softness of my hands with these types of works. I looked at the dish washing soap, it was looking dirty. I smiled, look at this soap. “I am sure the soap she uses will be far more beautiful than this one” and I started washing the dishes.

The food was good atleast this time. No battles and no chance of winning, it was a smooth ride.

At exactly 11.30 pm. I hit the bed and took out the book to read. It was named “Darkness & Happiness – The Soul Searching”

I opened the book and looked at the first chapter.   It read “TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE, ALWAYS BE HAPPY”, written in bold letters.

I looked at it for sometime and before I could think anything else, I was asleep.


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4 thoughts on “Being happy in life? #AtoZChallenge

  1. A perfect quote to end the long day! A to Z minion checking in to say hi and welcome you to the challenge. It’s taken me three days to get here, but we have over 2000 entries this year. Talk about having to start early. 🙂


  2. Its always awesome to know about some one’s daily life.
    I have a post more or less the same kind in my drafts incomplete.
    Feeling to complete that and post it as soon as possible after reading yours.
    Bachelor Life/ Life without parents or wife at home is very horrible and we don’t realize that untill they are not with us.
    Keep me updated of your next posts ahead.
    Best Wishes,
    Gayu Venkat


    • yes .. very true.. loneliness in different perspective .. and thanks for ur feedback ..
      I put one post daily … and will be waiting to read yours ..
      happy blogging


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