my friendship weapons – (ii) Talk

imagesAfter making the initial step with your eyes, everything boils down to the next main part, that is how you talk. Now, if you cannot talk, then you can never achieve the prime objective of winning hearts. The mantra here is, women are always better in understanding man.


Never and never ever think that you know a woman, because you never can. You really need supernatural powers to understand a women’s mind.

Anyway that’s not the issue, you seriously don’t need to understand minds here. All you need to do here is to accept the fact that women are smarter than man as far as understanding is concerned. So, all you need to do is accept this fact, but never show it. You still have to show her that you are smarter than her. Trust me, she likes it. After all, who does not like an easier prey? If she feels that she is superior to you mentally, she will like you.

Now what do you talk about?

  • Just talk  – At the beginning, you have to just talk. And be very creative in what you talk. The topic has to vary from intellectual stuff to very silly stuff. Sometimes act very mature and serious, sometimes very childish and non-serious. You have to ensure that you can make her laugh sometimes. Try nonsense jokes, doesn’t matter, but just make her laugh. By talking about various topics, you are achieving two objective – first, you are telling her that you have knowledge in various fields. Secondly, she will get to cuddle a person who has different faces to him. He is not only mature, but also is a child sometimes. Trust me, this will interest her. It tells her that you need an emotional support sometimes, but sometimes you can also take responsibility. The moment she feels that, your job is done.


  • Talking about yourself – Under normal circumstances, she will be skeptical and shy and will not be ready to share her feelings or her family. Not an issue, don’t pressurize. Open yourself up, with all the superficial details about you. Your talks about yourself are going to make her comfortable with you. It will tell her that you trust her (seriously you don’t have to). Just remember that you don’t discuss deep emotional you. Your agenda is to keep things at the superficial level from your side. You are not looking for someone to marry. You just want to win hearts here. For examples statements like “If someone likes the way I am, I don’t care. I am like this, and I am sure someone is going to like me the way I am”. Or may be “I hate people when they don’t do what they want and instead worry about what other people will think”


  • Listen carefully – she will be cautious of whatever she speaks out at the beginning, so you have to listen very very carefully whatever she says and pay full attention. Make a note of it. There are going to be serious clues and hints in whatever less she speaks out. If you miss these hints, you probably will lose the battle. You have to repeat them at the right moment. The point here is to make her realize that whatever she says is important to you. And that you don’t miss anything in whatever she says. For examples she might say “These class is so boring”, this probably has a hidden meaning that she wants to go out or do something interesting. Suggest her soon something interesting, though not immediately.


  • Praise talk – never forget to keep praising her and to ensure that you show her that you notice small small things about her. Say, if she puts in a new colored clip in her hair, mention it. If she wears a new dress, tell her that she look good. If she does something, tell her how nicely she had done it. Just don’t make sound too obvious. Feel it and say it. If it sounds superficial, she will catch it. Just say it casually as if you are not trying to create any impression or trying to score any points. But ensure she notices it that you observe all the details about her. Say for example “Oh wow, these sandals looks cute on you. I am sure you made a lot of effort to get these”


  • Emotional talk – as things become little comfortable, you are ready to make your first move. She may not have shared many things by now. So, you have to show your emotional side to her now. Start telling her stories about your childhood, your college days, your friendship stories etc. Take her to places which are important or have some emotional attachment to you. Get nostalgic there, and let her see that emotional side of you. Trust me, this action has serious result emotionally. She will get emotional here. Now, slowly put the ball in her court. Ask her also to take you to, may be her school, college or any place which she likes (you can find it out about her favorite place just by listening to her carefully). Use sentences like “I wish I can go back to my childhood days and play around with innocence. As we grow older, people become so mean and selfish”


  • Show anger – once you start hearing emotional talks from her, move to anger talks. Just fire up one day. Ensure that the issue is serious enough, and it’s her fault (may not be big enough, but big enough to make her feel guilty). Show anger perfectly, but don’t shout at her, don’t become violent or break anything. You can stop talking also for some time. See her reactions. If she puts in an effort to make things right, notice how many times she says ‘sorry’. The more times you can make her say sorry, the more she is becoming yours.  Some sample statement will be “People now a days are so materialistic and mechanical that they don’t care about simple things called care. Things have become so worse that they don’t even realize when they hurt people”


  • Romance talks – it is now time that you start talking romance. So far you didn’t do so, you were just preparing the ground for a final assault. Talk love, praise her beauty, make her feel good. Romance starts from simple kindling to major objective. Romance talks should start from simple feelings sharing. I mean jokingly say certain things, for eg. “I wish I can sit with someone in the beach in the evening and just get lost in our world”. These talks will make her romantic, and she will start reciprocating. And if she expresses it, then your job is done. Sometimes she doesn’t express it, but will expect you to make the first move. So watch her eyes, see what she is talking about, and make your move. Whenever you first touch her, make sure it is the most soft touch you ever give it to anyone. A feather touch may be. Some statements for romance talks could be like “I wish I can touch your hairs, brush them with my fingers, tie them softly” or may be “I am scared to even touch you, your skin is so smooth and glowing, I fear I will make them dirty” or may be “your smile is so pure, so refreshing, I wish I can capture it in a glass house and keep beside my bed so that I can keep watching it whenever I am awake”


The overall objective here is to use the power of the talks to the fullest extent. After using your eyes successfully in getting the attractions, the talk builds the foundations.  You talks can melt her and make yours. It does not mean that every time these techniques work, however, these are the basic steps. A mature, experience, and tried version will always be different. Just remember one thing when you talk, never open yourself up. At the start only you have to talk about yourself, and then wait for your partner to talk. And once she starts talking, Your job is done.

All the best !!!

Other tips to follow ….

8 thoughts on “my friendship weapons – (ii) Talk

  1. Hmmm….though none can understand women u r attempting n giving tips…

    Written well but sorry! Robotics won’t work!
    It’ll b bound to collapse!

    Nevertheless, all the best! Keep trying!


    • I liked that line ‘robotics won’t work!’ ; but thanks for appreciating my writing (at least)
      also, seriously, do you think it won’t work???


  2. i think almost all the boys knows these tricks but they don’t know how and when to use it. in this post you had written it more systematic way.


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