the hidden faces

UntitledI got up in the bus from the front side. (in my place, you can get up in the bus from either door – front or back). There was a seat uniquely placed in the front; it was facing all the other seats in the bus. I took that seat, now I could see everyone inside the bus.

There were very few people in the bus. I felt relaxed as I hated crowded bus, it makes me suffocated. Soon the bus took its speed, and the wind rushing through the window brushed through my face. It felt good. I was about to doze off, but just looked at the ladies seat, and I started hearing the their discussions.

First row of the ladies seat

She was talking to the girl sitting next to her. I could see her side face only. She was fair and beautiful with sharp features. She looked agitated with something. I raised my antenna, and overheard their discussion.

She was saying “no, no, it’s not the first time. Few days back also I saw the similar type of text in his mobile asking ‘where is he’. And when I asked, he simply skipped that it’s just from his batch mate since they will go to tuition together. I know he is hiding something. He never tells me the whole story”

The girl sitting next to her, may be her friend, with short hair and round face, said “Guys are like this only. They will never tell you the whole story. I caught my boyfriend chatting to another girl in facebook. And when I asked him, he said it’s just casual, ‘Hi and Bye’ kind off. And he thinks I am fool enough to trust him”

The good looking one said “But, you have to tell me what to do now? I am already suffering so much, and now you have started telling your boyfriend story. Tell me what should I do now?”

Her friend said “why don’t you regularly check his mobile. I mean without making him aware of it. You can see his messages, calls. May be you will find something” she acted smart and made her face also like that.

“But how, he never leaves his mobile. He keeps holding it as if the mobile is his girlfriend. I wish he had hold me like that” And both started giggling.

The round face one said “forget it, let him keep holding his mobile for some time, tell me about that new friend in facebook. Where did you met him?”

The good looking one raised her eyebrows and said “He’s cute na.. I met him when I went to drop my niece to her school. My god! He looked so good in that jeans and t-shirt. I was so glad that my niece and his niece turned out to be friends you know. At least that gave me a chance for an intro with that guy. And see, the same day he sent me the friend request in fb”

“Hmmm…… so something cooking up. Did your boyfriend know this?” the round faced girl rolled her eyes and her face also.

“C’mon yaar. I don’t have to tell him these small small things. Now you are giving me lectures, don’t tell me you told your boyfriend about the guy you met at café coffee day that day. I know you are now texting him regularly?”

And then both started giggling again.

Second row of the ladies seat

She was sitting alone and was looking outside the window. I tried looking at her face, but could not. Suddenly her phone rang. She picked it up. I could see her face now. She was not extra ordinarily beautiful like the one from the front seat, but still quite attractive. She looked sad, very sad.

She answered the phone “No, I don’t want to talk to you. Why did you do this to me? You will never understand me” she started sobbing. I could not hear what was said from the other side.

After listening to the other side for some time, she again said “this is not the first time. I know you are avoiding me now. You don’t have time for me now”

Again she paused, listening to him. It was little long this time. After some time she said “of course I did. Whenever I get time, I called you. I never avoided you like you are doing. You are more important than anyone else. I need you and I can’t stay alone, I don’t want to stay without you” she kept sobbing.

Again the person on the other side probably gave his explanations. She replied  “if you keep on doubting me like this, then I can’t help. You never trust me. Please don’t talk to me and please leave me alone” and she angrily disconnected the call.

Few seconds afterwards, again her phone rang. She looked at the phone, looked skeptical but answered it. Then after hearing the other side “Oh my god!! Where have you been. Long time no see, no calls?” I was sure this was not the same person who was making her cry. This someone from the other side said something. She replied “well, it’s right. We did broke off”

Then something was said from the other side. So she replied “ No, not a problem, of course we can meet.  Make it today at 7 pm then and catch with old stories. Bye” and she disconnected the phone. But this time she had a smile in her face.

Third row of the ladies seat

I looked at them. They both looked pretty but serious types. One of them, with specs, was little older, may be in 40’s. She was saying “you heard about the new showroom, just across my house. Come to it, real good collections of sandals”

The lady seating next to her said “you are really lucky. I don’t even get time to go out. The kids and husband are really making me frustrated. All the time work work. I have to do something. Can you get me any maid or something”

“You have to manage like I do. And don’t worry about that housemaid, I will speak to mine and she will arrange something. But now tell me when you can come for shopping. Last time I went alone and ended up spending 10,000 in just kurtas, and now I don’t have sandals matching them ”

“Let’s do it tomorrow. My husband is going to Delhi for some meeting. I will be free in the afternoon. Last time when he went to Bangalore, he brought this mobile worth 30,000 for me. I am sure if I give him a good bye, this  time also he will bring something nice” she said with a mysterious smile

The one with specs said “and you said I am lucky, just don’t forget to give him a nice sweet bye!!!”

And both laughed.

Fourth row of the ladies seat

This seat was occupied by a man with one lady. They seemed to be husband and wife. They didn’t spoke for a long time.

Then the husband said “I have to go and buy the table for Ron. He is having trouble studying in bed now”

“yes” she said

Again after a long pause, the husband said without looking at her “Your sister called. She wants us to go and visit their house. I think we may go by next week”

“okay” she answered without looking towards him.

Then there was no talking. I noticed them for several minutes, expecting someone will say something, but no one said anything. At last I shifted my antenna to the last seat of the ladies seat

Last row of the ladies seat

The smart looking lady was saying to the lady sitting next to her “the tourism secretary has called again for another round of meeting. And I am sure this time we will be able to forward our proposal”

The other lady said “yes, we have to. I was surprised how easily you managed the financial issue that he raised last time. He was quite adamant. Does he ask for any bribe or what?”

The smart lady laughed and said “Even if he wanted, who will pay him? But it’s good that he didn’t ask any. The financial terms that we mentioned really had fault. And it’s good that he mentioned it. Otherwise we would have made a huge loss”

The other lady said “Did you speak to your manager. He has to get all the papers ready by tomorrow. You know him, he is not very smart and energetic” and this time she laughed

The smart lady said “Don’t worry, I know how to make him work” and both laughed together.


The different or, hidden faces of Women, I thought. And then I dozed off.

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