my maze

images  Part I – The Zoombie

Part II – the unknown house

Part III – my safe place

Part I  – The Zombie

 With a shy smile she turned her face away. Oh! I love it. I kept looking at her. As she turned her face, her hair blew and the soothing fragrance of her hairs hit my nose. I felt like holding her hairs with my hand, running my fingers softly into them, caring them, loving them, smelling them. It felt so good.

Then, she turned back. With all hopes and dreams, I smiled and looked at her. And my heart stopped. I could not breathe. With a long shrill scream I covered my eyes. I could not see her face. She had long teeth’s hanging out of her mouth. Blood was oozing out of her eyes, there were big scratch marks all over her face with different colored mucus coming from them. She had turned into a zombie. She started moving towards me. My scream got louder, and louder, the heart was now pounding so much that everyone near could have easily heard it. She was about to grab me…

Someone was shaking me vigorously, I opened my eyes. My dream was over. Someone saved me from the zombie. She was there looking at me with strange eyes. I was sweating all over. “What happened? why are you screaming like crazy” she asked with rolling her eyes with disbelief.

The zombie’s scary face was still fresh in my memory. “I think it had a real evil dream. She came back. She in the form of a zombie is back to hound me” I was still shivering and scared.

She burst out laughing “Who came back, who’s back to hound you? C’mon get up now and drink a glass of water. You will feel better. It’s just a dream and it’s not even night, it’s 7 am now”

I could not keep her out of my mind. I could not belief how she turned so scary, it was shocking. How could I tell her that I just saw her turned to zombie.

Part II – The unknown identity

The place looked familiar. I looked at the house and at the address slip in my hand. Yes, I have come to the right place. The house was old, but was well maintained. Everything around it was clean. I slowly went up to the house and looked at the door. It’s been long; neither of us has seen each other. I wish we had not gone apart because of my other commitments. Her smile, her fragrance, everything was so alive and fresh inside me. I was sure she will be shocked to see me, it will be the sweetest surprise for her in ages. I could not stop the smile that came all over my face.

With that hesitation and apprehensions, I took the courage and knocked the door. After few moments of silence, someone opened it. There she was, looking at me with those beautiful eyes, hair still blowing all around her, the bright aura all around her. Her fragrance made me all alive again.

Her voice as sweet and soft as ever “Yes, how can I help you?” She didn’t recognize me.

I wanted to say something, but what? Nothing was coming to my mind? Who am I? What’s happening, I don’t know my name? I don’t know anything about me? I don’t know anything at all? What am I doing here?

What can I tell her about me, when she was the only identity I had …

Part II – My safe place

The dark clouds covered the sky, and everyone around me started rushing to their own safe places. I looked at the sky, I identified few dark clouds, I like them. I wanted to give some names to them, but then, no point, tomorrow they won’t be here.

Amidst these thoughts I started walking towards my own safe place. Soon water started pouring from the sky, initially few drops and then it was heavy showering. I didn’t even realize when it outpaced the tears from my eyes.

I looked around myself, lot of faces, but none familiar to me. I didn’t mind that. The visibility was anyway getting poorer, and I had to rush to my favorite safe place now.

At last, I reached my place. And at last, my tears too dried up. Now it was all rain water all around my face.

I looked at the big concrete wall above me. I was sure, no rain drops have the power to penetrate them. I was not hungry, in fact I never felt hungry. I rolled by bed, and looked at the pillow and laughed. He looked so lonely. He didn’t had his partner pillow also with him.

Suddenly there was lot of noise around. I knew other people have started pouring in and will try to share my safe place. I can’t let that happen. So  hurriedly I jumped into the bed and hugged my lonely pillow and whispered “don’t worry, I am with you as you are with me”.

The train move hurriedly above the concrete culvert above my head. I thanked god for giving me this culvert, my safe place.

And then, while sleeping, I looked at her house. My test of patience started once again.

I was sure I will see her today and live my life again in this safe place. This time there was no rain water to hide my tears.

I will live my full life in the culvert just to have a glimpse of her.

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