my friendship weapons – (i) EYES

Mynaa film actress amala paul  romantic eyes wallpapersEyes are one of the strongest weapons if you want to win over her. They are going to convey messages which you don’t want to say or want to avoid saying it.

Please neither try to overdo anything nor try anything extraordinary with your eyes. Just follow some simple tips and your work will be done in a smooth way –

1.  Catch interest play – To catch her interest, start looking at her. But don’t take more than a split second. This is just to ensure that she acknowledges that you are watching her. But do not, remember do not ever stare at her. Staring at her will make her uncomfortable, and you don’t want that. Your objective here is to just let her know that you are watching her. Depending on the situation, continue this for some time, may be a week or a month. Patience is the key, and you don’t need to do anything else. Don’t even make an attempt to talk to her at this moment. If you make an attempt, she will take safe guard and keep her distance. You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. If during this period, at any point of time, if you scare her, then you have lost the case before you even tried. You just want to portray yourself as a silent admirer here and in no way something to be scared of. So let it be like that for some time.

2.  Look into her eyes play – Once you have introduced yourself, and you are now in talking terms. (my take on introducing herself, some other time). And if you get an opportunity, look deep into the her eyes for a long second while talking (specially when she is laughing at something) then suddenly look somewhere else. Then continuously avoid eye contact for sometimes. Don’t do this regularly, just sometimes. The timing of this action is utmost importance; you have to ensure that her normal flow is disturbed. You have to make her feel little discomfort. Here, by doing this action you are trying to convey the message that you want to say something, about some strong feelings that you feel when she laughs, but you are unable to say it. And you are feeling helpless and frustrated because of that, and that’s why suddenly you start avoiding eye contact as you don’t want to flow with the rush of feeling but you are frustrated at the same time. It will also tell her that you are not sure about her feeling, in other words will prompt her to express it (if she has). This action will disturb her, and that’s what you want now.

3. Smile play – any fine day, just keep looking at her with a smile. As soon as she catches you doing that, turn your eyes and look somewhere else. Your whole face should reflect happiness and naughtiness. She will ask, what is it that you are finding so funny. Just avoid, or just say ‘nothing’. All you are trying here is to get her attention. Let her think, what is going on in your mind.

4. The avoidance play – this is one of the most important part, when you are about to make the final move. It comes into play when you are already in her comfort zone and you both are in good talking terms. One day suddenly, try to avoid eye contact with her in totality. No matter what just don’t look into her eyes. Make sure she gets the message that you are avoiding her eyes. This is where she will get impatient. You have broken the normal routine, so it will bother her as to why are you doing this. Let her ask, if she doesn’t ask, then just wait. If that does not work try the lost play.

5. The lost play – this is to make your eye concentrate on something else (may be something trivial like a tree or a house). Add to it, the silence. She will get disturbed, as you are breaking a normal routine. She will ask what are you looking at? Avoid it, or just answer casually. ‘Nothing’ is the best answer. She might also try to bring you into some discussion, just give casual answer, don’t reflect any seriousness. She will assume something is bothering you, but you don’t want to tell her. Let her feel that, you don’t have to say anything.


The overall objective here is to use the power of the eyes to the fullest extent. And believe me, if she does not react in the first step itself, then it’s better not to waste time with her. You may have greener pastures somewhere else. The first impact of chemistry has to be there in order to proceed further. But whatever you do, you want her to get confused. You want her to think about you. And your eyes will do that. If she can’t understand it, then she is definitely going to go home and think about you. And Hurray!!! Your job is done. All the best !!!

The details of other weapons to follow ….

2 thoughts on “my friendship weapons – (i) EYES

  1. A tried and tested magic to understand the chemistry between two people….Eyes..very complicated but very interesting phenomenon…..

    This focuses on communicating with your eyes…interesting and I liked it . Looking forward to know something on the other side as well …ie “Reading the Eyes”


    • quite correctly said… thanks for your view…
      I will surely put forward my thoughts on ‘reading the eyes’
      keep coming back ..


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