Me, my matrimonial ad

A matrimonial advertisement. Not a very conventional one.

The Girl
  1. Trustworthy
  2. Loving and caring
  3. Must be a good cook
  4. Must sing while cooking
  5. Fair and good looking
  6. Should be very good with children
  7. Smart talker, should be humorous at time
  8. Clean and tidy
  9. Must be educated, has postgraduate qualifications
  10. Remains updated (read newspapers)
  11. loves to travel
  12. Has a sense of dressing
  13. Can maintain relationships with others
  14. Remembers names
  15. Tall (above 5 feet 7 inch.)


  1. Loving and caring and understanding
  2. Extremely sensitive emotions
  3. Creative and intelligent
  4. Very good & smart talker, sometimes humorous
  5. Very good with children
  6. Can cook
  7. Can do household work with great efficiency
  8.  Educated with postgraduate qualification (technical)
  9. Is updated (read newspapers)
  10. Loves to travel and read books
  11. Not extremely good looking, but better than average
  12. Tall (is 5 feet 10 inch)
  13. Few friends
  14. Good income
  15. Love gardening
  16. Extremely good driving skills


Accepted drawbacks Existing drawbacks
  1. Sometimes laziness (like not washing dishes, watering the plants or preparing the bed)
  2. Too much socializing
  3. Busy with phone
  4. Wasting money on silly things


  1. Bad social skills
  2. Extremely moody
  3. Loosing hair
  4. Bad dressing sense
  5. Smokes and drinks (sometimes)
  6. Forgets names


Can’t be accepted Can’t be compromised
  1. Neglect
  2. Shouting or yelling
  3. Silence
  4. Crying
  1. Silence & private space
  2. Smoking
  3. Reading
  4. Travelling

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