the another sunday

standing-aloneLike any other Sunday, I woke up late at around 11:30 am. I wish it’s not another boring Sunday. I looked for my roommate in his bed and then at his study table, he was not there. He must already ventured with others to the chai walla just outside the hostel. I took my cigarette, and lighted it.

The beginning of the day, and one more day closer to death. Will this be an another day without her?

Blowing smoke towards the ceiling felt good. I made some sincere attempts of making circles with the smoke, in vain though, realizing instantly that I need more practice. Is my life all about smoke and circles, can’t it be a straight line without smokes? I laughed out loud, what a funny thought, life being a circle or a straight line. What it would feel like to have her beside me in the morning? Goosebumps were all over my body. Anyway who cares, as long as I can do what I feel like doing, move around with friends, smoke, movie, girls, everything with so much of fun. Oh god! not on a Sunday, not these thoughts. Next moment I was up from the bed, I can’t let this thoughts get over me at this time at least.

Lazily I walked down the staircase toward the chai wala.

Subu, my roommate, as usual was cracking funny one liners for others to laugh.

I am sure, her laughs will be as beautiful as her, the thought brought a smile to me?

I waved at them and ordered my breakfast. In the midst of laughter, someone mentioned Simi, the new heartthrob amongst the first years. My attention just grew a little more to the discussion.

Subu was saying “Simi, is showing interest in Rajan, the 3rd year hero from hostel 5. It will be really shameful if he takes her before anyone from us can beat him. We have to bring her to our hostel”.

The image of the cute, fair, straight hair, 5’ 3” trophy with a sweet smile and with ‘Simi’ written in bold letter at the forehead came in my mind. I smiled, who is better, the girl or the trophy.  

“What happened to our Binoy, I heard he proposed her thrice” I showed my interest.

Subu promptly replied “That’s why we are more worried; he already created a bad name. Why on earth a girl will choose that 100 kg sumo wrestler”. Everyone laughed.

Suraj said seriously “we need to do something fast, once freshmen social is over, it will become a herculean task”.

At least something makes these guys serious. After some time we came back to our room and Subu, as usual, continued the discussion.

“Do you want to make a move?  I have good terms with their group. I can push your case.” he really sounded serious.

I smiled and looked towards him. Subu, who is always serious in these type of matters, which are not at all related to studies, why doesn’t he settle his case instead of pushing me. But that’s what Subu is all about, the best friend that I ever had. I was always first for him.

“Leave it, yaar. If god wants it, it will happen. I have not even looked at Simi seriously”. How can I even tell him that she is not the one I am waiting for.

Subu kept staring at me.

“Ok, ok, I will look at her, and tell you what I feel” I said politely, as I knew I have to agree to him

“I will introduce you to her tomorrow”,came his fast reply.

This guy, really. I thought. “Now, will you pls. make some plan for today” I shouted before running towards bathroom.

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