running away

“Are you trying to run away” she asked.

Am I ? Run from what and to where? I thought. But from which side of the brain; the logical, rational, social, educated side or the illogical, irrational, unsocial and uneducated side? Aren’t everyone always running from something. Some running for money, some running from guilt, some running from social norms, some from education, some from love, some from morality, some from ethics, some from care, some from relatives, some from responsibility, some from life and some from death.

Question is what am I running from, if I am running at all. May be I am running from answers. Answers to my questions of what is right and what is wrong. Answer to whether what I was doing is right or wrong. Answer to how should I explain my actions – in rational logical ways or irrational illogical ways. Answer to questions like how do I define love for someone. Answer to questions like Am I answerable to someone except myself ?

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